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Jesus is the Light of the World

Jesús es la Luz del Mundo

May 29-June 5, 2017

For the last 16 years mission volunteers having being traveling to Latin America, Mexico and Guatemala to fulfill the Great Commission… go, disciple, baptize and teach the Good News of Christ Jesus.

In 2016, we had 48 volunteers make the journey to Ricon de Pacya outside of Guatemala City to partner with Clubhouse Guatemala to be on mission for Christ.

As summarized by Paula Hood, “Our days were full from sun up to sun down with various ministries including food packing and delivery, medical and dental missions (to over 450 in 4 days), VBS to 165+ children, shoe distribution with accompanying foot washing for the children, teaching a micro-industry project of mat making, training for local pastors, bed assembly and distribution to homes of villagers who were sleeping on the floor, witnessing and evangelism,  and taking care of the physical upkeep of the camp.  Through it all, God took care of us and helped us to move beyond ourselves and love other brothers and sisters to whom we could communicate God’s love even without knowing their language.  I thank God for the opportunity, for His watch care, for the friends we made in Guatemala and the relationships he strengthened at Central Baptist.  My prayer is that this trip will live in our hearts and change the way we are and what we do for years to come.”

Have you always wanted to be a missionary and go on mission for Christ to another country? Then consider joining us On Mission in Guatemala 2017 when we will be traveling to Guatemala on May 29 – June 5, 2017.

Key dates and volunteer planning details are shown below.  For more information for On Mission in Guatemala 2017 please contact Lee and Donna Harlan at


Key Planning Dates for On Mission in Guatemala  2017

o       Nov 20 – Initial Volunteer Meeting

o       Dec 18 – Volunteer Planning Meeting

o       Jan 22 – Volunteer Planning Meeting

o       Feb 03 – Finalizing of Shipping Container Manifest

o       Feb 28 – Final Date to Cancel Reserved Air Seats Without $100 Penalty

o       Mar 01 – Loading Date at JC Bedding for Container

o       Apr 09 – Volunteer Planning Meeting

o       Apr 11 – Volunteer Payments of Total Trip Costs to Central Baptist Church

o       Apr 18 – Payment of Airfare and Clubhouse Fees by Central Baptist

o       Apr 25 – Final Traveler’s Details and Ticketing by Wilcox Travel

o       May 21 – Liability Release Forms/Covenant Agreements Due

o       May 21 – Final Volunteer Mission Meeting

o       May 29 – Leave for Guatemala City

o       June 5 – Return from Guatemala City


Air Reservations

45 Seats Confirmed Through Wilcox Travel

DL1384   29MAY    TRI – ATL       745A   855A

DL 904    29MAY    ATL – GUA   1045A 1216P


DL 910    05JUN     GUA – ATL     805A   129P

DL1362   05JUN     ATL – TRI       655P   758P


Estimated Trip Costs

Air Tickets                                                         $  898.40

Clubhouse Guatemala Fee                            $  450.00

Brunch at Santo Domingo Monastery         $     20.00

Total Cost                                                          $1,368.40


If you would like to go to Guatemala with us this year, but are in need of financial assistance, please download and print these forms and drop them off at our church offices.

WWMVF Application

MMVSF Application