Welcome to Central! We would like for you to have as much information about our church to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We are located at 300 North Roan Street in Downtown Johnson City, right across from the public library. Here are a few things you can expect on your visit with us:

First Time Visitor & Handicap Parking
We want our guests to have the best and easiest access to our building.  First time visitor parking is located right in front of our main covered entrance.  You can access these spaces from both North Roan Street and Fairview Avenue.  Handicap spaces are also located in this lot on the row closest to building.  If any these spaces are unavailable you can ride our parking lot shuttle from other spaces and parking lots to our main covered entrance.

Main Covered Entrance/Welcome Center
As you enter our main covered entrance you will be greeted by church members and directed to the Welcome Center in the Welcome Corridor where you can be led to a Bible Study class or worship.

Preschool & Children
We take the safety and security of preschoolers and children very seriously.  Our Preschool Area is a secure environment located off of the Welcome Corridor.  The Children’s Area is located just down the hall from the Welcome Corridor.






Wednesday Nights
Check out our Faith Formation page to get an overview of Wednesday night activities for adults and our pages for kids from birth to high school. There is something for everyone at CBC. The Fellowship Hall is the starting point for most of the activities where we serve our Fellowship Meal from 5:00-5:50 PM.  We welcome first time guests to join us for a free meal.